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Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
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Organization of Regulatory and Clinical Associates
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Message from ORCA President Elizabeth Cross Nichol


In the very early spring we were challenged by COVID-19. Most of us thought this would be a sprint--ramping up the wearing of protective gear, staying distanced and if possible, working from home. We recognized the disruption in our personal habits, our work and school schedules, and our central role in drugs, devices, diagnostics and biologics.

We have seen that changing operations are complex, distributed and dynamic. Few anticipated that a marathon would be required of us. Not only do we need to go the distance, but we also need to do it with greater flexibility and agility.
We have staggering demands. Companies want permission to develop and market, regulators want to ensure the safety of the public, and the public wants cures! The standard life cycle of yesterday will not accommodate the pace of innovation today.

ORCA members embrace disruption by engaging early and relentlessly driving innovation. Together we flourish. 
See you online at our Annual Meeting September 29 for a chance to become more informed, better prepared and stronger

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Volunteers are vital to ORCA’s success. Volunteers assist ORCA with its monthly programs, plan those programs and solicit speakers, develop and implement marketing efforts and membership drives, serve on its Board of Directors, and provide a wide range of volunteer services that help make ORCA a meaningful and useful resource for its members. Visit our Volunteering page to find out more about how you can help.


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